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Valentine One Mirror System
Troubleshooting Guide

If the system powers on but one of the components is not working, i.e. no sound or the display does not power on:

This likely an issue with one of the RJ11 cables or the Direct-Wire Power Adapter is not sufficiently connected.

If the display powers on but there is no sound you may try disconnecting the display (mirror) and powering the unit on again. If there is now sound the Direct-Wire Power Adapter may need to be reconnected or connected to an alternate power source.

You may also repeat some of steps previously mentioned - at times more than one issue may be present.

If you have exhausted all of the troubleshooting steps and the system is still not functioning properly please contact us at for additional assistance.

In the event that your Valentine One Mirror System will not power on or is not operating properly we have provided a list of troubleshooting steps to identify and repair any issues.

The following is a diagram of the components used in our V1 Mirror System and how they are connected. The system must be configured as illustrated or it will not function properly. Please check to insure the cables are in the correct sockets and that both the Valentine One* and the Remote Audio Adapter are switched on.

*If we installed your Valentine One inside your headrest you do not need to check the power switch.

                      Source: Valentine One Manual

If the entire V1 System will not power on:

Check to insure your switched power supply is on. (is the ignition turned on?)
Check the fuse that is attached to the Direct-Wire Power Adapter.
If you have the cigarette lighter adapter that was included with your V1 handy (make sure the fuse is not blown) - unplug the cables from the Power Adapter and plug them into the cigarette lighter adapter. If the system powers on there is likely an issue with the Direct-Wire Power Adapter:

The fuse is blown.
The power wire (red) is not making sufficient contact with the tapped power supply or the incorrect wire was tapped. Use of a multimeter may be required to confirm a 12 volt current.
The ground wire (black) may not be properly grounded.
Check the metal contacts in the Power Adapter sockets and insure they are not damaged or bent.

If the system did not power on at all with the cigarette lighter adapter the issue is likely a damaged RJ11 cable, a cable with too much resistance was used or one of the connectors was not crimped properly. (This is common). Try replacing the the cables individually to identify which cable is bad.

Common issues with RJ11 crimped connectors: The orientation of the connector is reversed (backwards) or it is crimped with too little or too much force. As a rule of thumb the release tab on a RJ11 connector should be on the same side of the cable as the raised seam.