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Installation Guide

Mercedes W204 C Class C300 / C350 / C63 Page 2

The V1 Direct-wire Power Adapter needs to be connected to a swithced 12v power supply and grounded. Remove the cover to the fuse box on the left end of the dashboard and locate an available power socket and ground location. Once wired the power adapter can be placed under the dash.

Re-install the mirror and route the supplied rj-11 wire to the power source (the cord from the mirror must be plugged into the "Accessory" port on the power adapter). The cord runs from the mirror across the headliner, down the A-pillar and under the dash to the power supply. We removed the A-pillar cover to make routing the wire easier and to avoid obstructing the airbag. Re-attaching the mirror is the reverse of the removal steps.. plug the two factory connections from the mirror back in and re-install the map light assembly - be careful to make sure the 3 wires from the mirror are all routed through the front center of the map light and try to leave as little slack as possible, once the map light is back in place it's difficult to take any slack out. Re-install the metal mirror bracket and secure it with the 3 torx screws. The mirror is secured in place by a spring loaded cylinder, there is a thin metal wire that slightly compresses one side of the spring. If it is out of place you can squeeze each end of the cylinder together with large pliers and the wire will pop back in place. You can now press the mirror back up into it's secured position.


















Re-insert the sun visor clips and replace the cover above the mirror and over the rain sensor.


















Re-install the headrest and route the rj-11 cable through or behind the rear seat. (the rj-11 cord can be run through one of the metal posts to hide it if you're comfortable removing the back panel of your seat)



































The remaining length of the cable can now easily be routed to the side of the rear seat cushion and then under the plastic trim to the underside of the dash - where it will be plugged into the "Power Out" side of the audio controller. The final step is running a rj-11 cable from the "Power In" port of the audio controller to the "Main" port on the V1 power adapter. If everything is properly connected the V1 system should power on, the display in the mirror will light up and the sound should be audible from the audio adapter.