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Valentine One Mirror System
Installation Guide

Mercedes W204 C Class C300 / C350 / C63

Step one is removing the mirror and headrest. The headrest is simple - just fold the rear seat down and it will come right out. You will need a small torx socket or screwdriver and a hook tool to get the mirror off.
First there's a couple of plastic covers that need to be removed. Slide the hook tool behind the cover on the rain sensor and gently pull back - it will pop right off.

Next the cover directly above the mirror needs to be pulled down, it doesn't come completely off - just pull it down and let it rest on top of the mirror.

Now just pull down on the mirror and it will pop free from the mounting bracket. The mirror has two wiring harnesses that have to be unplugged, the map light assembly needs to be removed to free the wires.


















The headliner is secured by the mirror mounting bracket and the two stops that the sun visors snap into. The mirror bracket has 3 torx screws that hold it in place.


























Grab your hook tool again and pry off the cover around the sun visor clips. Pry each corner down and it will pop free - with the cover off just grab the clip, pull down and wiggle it side to side and it will come free.



















































With the front of the headliner now loose pull down gently with one hand and reach in with the other hand to release the back of the map light assembly - there's two clips that need to be pulled forward to lower the back part of the assembly.


























Once the map light assembly is hanging vertical you will see where it is attached in the front - it's just hanging on a couple of tabs of plastic and lifts right off. Now unplug the two wiring harnesses that are connected to the mirror.