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Valentine One Mirror System
Installation Guide

BMW E90/E91/E92 3-Series and M3

The next step is to re-install your factory headrest, which houses the main V1 radar locator, and route the RJ11 cable to the front of the cabin as illustrated.

You're almost finished. Using the supplied RJ11 cable plug one end into the "Main Unit" side of the V1 Direct Power Adapter.

Next route the cable across the headliner, then down the exposed A pillar (take care not to obstruct the air bag).

Pry open the cover on the side of the dash and route the cable to meet-up with the cable that was run from the rear headrest.

Locate the V1 Remote Audio Adapter.

Plug the cable from the Direct Power Adapter into the "Power In" side and plug the cable from the rear headrest into the "Power Out" side of the Remote Audio Adapter.

Start the car, power the V1 System on using the remote audio adapter and make sure the V1 display inside the mirror powers on and sound is audible from the speaker on the front of the remote audio adapter.

If the system does not power on or one of the components is not functioning properly please visit our V1 Troubleshooting section for help with common issues that affect system performance.

After you have confirmed the system is functioning properly secure the remote audio adapter to the underside of your dashboard, replace the map light, sun visor, A pillar cover and mirror bracket cover.

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