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Valentine One Mirror System
Installation Guide

BMW E90/E91/E92 3-Series and M3

Installation of the V1 Mirror System in the BMW 3-Series Coupe and Sedan are identical, with the exception of the headrest used to conceal the V1 Radar Locator. The Coupe will use the rear passenger headrest and the Sedan will use the rear center headrest. Separate instructions apply for the E93 Convertible.

E90 Sedan / E91 Wagon

E92 Coupe

Begin by removing the cover on the A pillar on the left side of the vehicle. Pry the Airbag tab off the cover and remove the torx screw. Pull the cover gently away from the A pillar to release the clips.

Next the left side sunvisor and clip need to be removed to provide access to the front portion of the headliner.

Reconnect the factory connections to the mirror and route the RJ11 cable (from the mirror) into the headliner and plug it into the "Accessory" side of the V1 power adapter.

With the power adapter installed we're ready to connect the components of your V1 Mirror System. Begin by re-installing your mirror onto the windshield. Rotate the mirror approx 45 degrees counterclockwise, align it with the bracket on the windshield and turn clockwise to secure.

With the front of the headliner free pull it down gently and release the map light assembly. The map light has two metal clips at the front that secure it in place. Once the clips are located press them in and down to remove the map light. Remove the electrical connections and set the map light assembly aside.

Locate the V1 Direct Wire Power Adapter that was included with the purchase of your Valentine One Radar Locator.

The Direct Wire Power Adapter needs to be connected to a switched power supply and grounded. In this example we're using power from the green/white wire illustrated below. The wire is located on the smaller of the two multi wire connections to the map light. The ground may be secured to the body of the car with a self tapping screw as shown.

*Note: The wire tap connector provided by Valentine is large for the wire and may need to be soldered to make full contact. As an alternative the Direct Wire Power Adapter may also be connected to the fuse box behind the glove box.