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Horsepower Freaks AEM Gauge Mirror Systems

The LED displays from each gauge will be installed inside your mirror, the remaining portion of the gauge components will be placed inside the dash and connect to the existing wiring connections. We will install the race fuel key switch, LED and knock siren on a new oem steering column as shown.

Assembly Instructions

Remove the thin portion of the driver's side A-pillar

Remove the 3 torx screws and the A-pillar cover

Remove the sun visor and visor clip as shown to allow the ribbon cables to be inserted inside the headliner

Remove the map light

Beginning under the dash, route the two ribbon cables as shown. The path for the cables zig zags a bit and I found it helpful to feed a couple of feet of safety wire through, attach it to the cables and pull them through.

Route the cables along the A-pillar and just inside the headliner as shown.

Re-install the rear view mirror on the windshield, route the cables through the headliner and connect the oem wiring connection and two ribbon cables as illustrated.

Plug the existing wiring connections for the AEM Gauges into the back of the pods and secure all loose wires and pods inside the dash as shown.

Install the steering column cover and re-connect the GAUGE ASSY

Install the lower portion of the steering column and secure the knock siren as illustrated.

Start the car and verify that the gauges are functioning properly.

The clamshell will need to modified as shown to allow room for the new wiring harness.

Re-install the sun visor, A-pillar cover, map light and lower cover and your HPF - AEM Gauge Rear View Mirror install is complete.