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Horsepower Freaks AEM Gauge Mirror Systems

First remove the black plastic shell that encloses the mirror bracket. The cover has several plastic clips that snap together. Push down on the right hand side of the cover near the seam and gently pry apart with the screwdriver.

Disassembly Instructions

Once the cover has been removed, dismount the rear view mirror from the windshield by turning the mirror counterclockwise approx 45 degrees and it will come right off.

Remove the 5 screws/clips from the cover below the dash and pull the cover off.

Remove the connections and set the cover aside

Using a small screwdriver push upward on the two plastic rivets on the bottom of the steering column

Pull down gently on the lower portion of the steering column and set aside

Remove the AEM Gauges from the pods by gently pulling the gauges out and disconnecting the wiring connections from the rear of the gauges. The boost gauge (on the right) has a knock siren on the back of the gauge. Remove the nut securing the siren and leave the siren inside the pod.

Remove the screw on the top of the steering column.

Detach the leather from the rear of the steering column by pinching the 4 clips together.

Disconnect the the wiring connection labeled "GAUGE ASSY". Remove the upper steering column with remaining wires and components intact and set aside.

This completes the disassembly process. You will need to ship your mirror, both gauges and the upper steering column cover with the key switch, race fuel LED, knock siren and wiring attached.