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Valentine One Mirror System FAQ

Q: How do you get the Valentine One radar detector to fit inside the rear view mirror?

A: The main Valentine One radar detector itself is not installed inside the mirror. Valentine makes an accessory called a “Concealed Display”, which is powered by the main radar unit and allows the display to be relocated and integrated into the mirror.

Q: What is the benefit to having the display inside the rear view mirror if the radar detector is already on the windshield?

A: One of the primary benefits to having the display integrated into your rear view mirror is it will allow you to remove the main radar unit from your windshield and install it in a fully concealed location, such as inside the headliner or in a headrest. This type of custom installation will not only improve the overall appearance of your interior by removing cords and getting the bulky radar unit off your windshield, but also make the presence of your radar system invisible to potential thieves or law enforcement should you be stopped for a possible traffic violation.

Q: If the V1 radar unit is hidden in the headliner or headrest how can I turn it on/off or adjust the volume?

A: Similar to the Concealed Display, Valentine makes an accessory called a “Remote Audio Adapter” that allows full control of the radar unit remotely – including turning the unit on or off, adjusting volume and mute levels and changing between the various sensitivity modes. Placement of the Remote Audio Adapter is recommended in a location that is out of sight but within easy reach, such as the underside of the dashboard or underneath the steering column.

Q: Will it still function properly?

A: K, Ka and X band radar operates on invisible radio waves, which are unobstructed and unaffected by most of the materials inside a headliner or headrest. Metal however, will obstruct the radar signal. It is important when installing the radar unit that it is vertically within same range as your windshield. Suggestions for locating the radar unit are provided in the installation section of our site for many specific vehicles. If your vehicle is not listed you may contact us for additional support.

In many cases installing the V1 in a concealed location will reduce or eliminate the detection of laser or LIDAR, as these sensors require an unobstructed line of sight in order to function. In some applications we have been able to conceal the radar unit and preserve laser detection.

Many do not consider laser detectors to be an effective defense against laser as in most cases your speed will be simultaneously recorded the instant you receive an alert. The use of a laser jammer is recommended as the only effective defense against laser.

Q: My rear view mirror has a garage door opener, map lights, compass, etc.. will these all still function properly with the Concealed Display integrated into the mirror?

A: The Concealed Display will not interfere with the operation of garage door openers, map lights or other accessories that are part of your rear view mirror. Many convertibles also have the antenna for keyless remotes located inside the rear view mirror and will continue to function normally. In some applications our clients have chosen to trade functionality of a Homelink button, On Star or similar in order to connect a mute button for the Valentine One Radar Detector.

Q: Will the auto dimming still function on the mirror?

A: It depends on the make, year and model of your car. We are currently able to retain auto dimming in several vehicles. In applications where auto dimming no longer functions we replace the factory mirror (glass) with a custom translucent mirror that is slightly less reflective than a standard mirror, minimizing problems with glare. Please contact us for more information about your specific vehicle. In some cases inspecting your mirror may be required in order to determine if auto dimming will be affected.

Q: How difficult is it to install this in my car?

A: Installation in most cars is a simple DIY project that takes no longer than an hour or two. Information about typical installations is available here. Any local shop that specializes in audio electronics will be able to install the system for you if needed. Detailed step by step installation instructions are provided on our site, including many vehicle specific applications.

If you have further questions that were not addressed please contact us and we will reply asap.